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A note from the founder


Welcome to the best web design agency in South Dakota! We pride ourselves on the quality of the websites we make, but more so on the quality of the service you’ll receive. Let us work our magic and transform your digital footprint into a powerful revenue generating machine. Good looking websites can be made a million different ways, but we’ve spent time learning the principles of conversion based design – meaning our websites are made to make you money. I’d love to chat with you about your project!

-Ben Forred

What do we do?

Build It

Our flexible system offers options for businesses at different stages of maturity.

Brand new to business and need to get your name and mission out there? We’ve got you.

Need to overhaul your seven figure ecommerce site? We’ve got you there, and everywhere in between too.

Manage It

We offer hosting, management, security, reporting, and more in flexible bundles that suit you no matter where your business is at.

Clients with a Managed Website Plan receive a 10% discount on hourly rates for special projects down the road.

Grow It

You hear about SEO, email marketing, copy writing, graphic design, etc. but you may not feel comfortable taking those things on yourself. That’s okay! Thankfully, when we build and manage your online presence, it makes total sense to also have us continually optimize your site for organic traffic. We can also be the ones to manage your email campaigns!

How are we different from most?

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Our Process


We want to learn about your business and strategize about how to overcome challenges with your web presence.


We'll put together a custom quote for you to review based upon our conversation.

Kick off!

We'll discuss the first phase of the project. We'll set up the menu layout and decide what pages to build. We'll work with you on content and images, so you won't have to go it alone.

The Build

We'll take the plan we put together and do the work of actually building out the site. There will be very regular communication to get your feedback and approvals.


We'll make changes to the first draft of the site based on your feedback. We'll also revise text you've provided to make sure there's a consistent tone across the site.

Go Live!

We'll button everything up, take care of some odds & ends, and launch it for all of the world to see!

Featured Recent Work

Kelsie Thomas with South Dakota Doulas was looking to re-design their website. Their organization was growing and looking to do more public facing advocacy. To make it easy for potential clients to find a doula near their location, we integrated Google Maps and put pins where each of the doulas are physically located. This provides a streamlined and user friendly method for visitors to find a doula in their areas. Not only does this make the website more user friendly, but each of the doula agencies can expect to get more traffic because of the interface.

Ben had foresight and a keen sense of what was needed and how to make it flow on our site. He was prompt in responses and easy to communicate with. Ben was a pleasure to work with!

Kelsie Thomas

President, South Dakota Doulas

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Forred Web Design is a full service web design business located in Sioux Falls, SD. We provide web design, web development, SEO optimization, and email marketing campaigns for small businesses all across South Dakota and all around the United States.

Confidence Guaranteed

We are committed to delivering service you won’t find elsewhere.

Our plans are built based upon what we know are working strategies.

That spells success for you and your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?

We are proud to be a small business based in Sioux Falls, SD. That said, Ben Forred is from Aberdeen and has spent his lifetime visiting towns all over the state. The nice thing about South Dakota is that it's all virtually one big town. People know each other here, and they take care of each other, too. So no matter where your business is located (even if it isn't in South Dakota) we're here to become a part of your future success.


Does my business really need a website?

In this day and age? Yes! People have the internet in their pockets at all times. When they have a need, they search for businesses "near me" with money in their hand. You want to be at the top of that list!


How much does one of your websites cost?

We get this question a lot. The short answer is, "It depends," although that's not what you're looking for.

One of the biggest lessons to learn as a business owner is that a website is not a cost - it is an investment. A properly built website will make you money and so you'll get a return on what you put into it. That's probably not what you were looking for either, though. So here it is:

Our most basic website packages start at $2,497 paid in two installments. Functionality and size of the site determine the pricing. Complete our contact form and we'll briefly visit and send you a proposal tailored to your project.


What if I don't know how to take care of a website once I have one?

This question comes up in almost every conversation with business owners. You're in business to do what you do best. If you knew how to maintain websites, you would be in our shoes!

The hardest part of having a website is not building it, it is all the work and upkeep that the site requires once it is live. Don't worry though, we want to be a part of your success long into the future.

Our Managed Website Plans are designed to take care of the site we build for you from launch day onward. We ensure your site is secure, online, backed up, and monitored. We'll even be around to strategize and make site updates for you each month. Get in touch today to learn about how we'll manage your whole website presence so you can focus on what you do best.


Do you host websites too?

Yes! As a part of our Managed Website Plans we provide hosting, domain management, security sweeps, privacy & cookie policies, ongoing updates and backups, strategy calls, and some time each month to work on updates with you (time depends on the plan you choose.)


How long does it take you to build a website?

Excellent question - We do everything we can to minimize the amount of time the ball is in our court. Most of our projects can be completed within 45 days.

Are you ready to get started on your project?