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Why work with us?

Can you find someone to build you a website for $300 somewhere on the internet? Sure, absolutely – It might even look nice! The problem is that nice looking websites don’t convert to sales on their own. A website isn’t a billboard, it’s a dynamic system, and we make beautiful sites that bring all the functionality that you, and your customers, need.

We want to build a long-term relationship with you and be a part of your business’s growth and success. From day one, we’ll do everything we can to honor the trust you put into us by providing superior service, results based strategies, and additional services that will surely separate your business from the pack. We don’t view our services as a commodity, and neither should you.

What we do

What we do might be best summed up in what we don’t do. There is an old saying in project management: “You can have things fast, cheap, or good – but you can only pick two.” We do not build “cheap” websites, and while we do not go any slower than we need to, we will not rush a single step in the process. Our goal is to get you the website you deserve. One that will convert visitors into customers and drive the success of your business well into the future. We’re a good fit for you if you’re ready to take the step of making your business even more accessible and turn it into the business discovery engine you need.

Alright, so what’s the cost?


Small Scale

Starting at


Brochure style websites. Perfect starting point for a business just starting to build an online presence. Typically these are 5-10 pages, but most importantly have simply functions like contact forms, blogs, etc.


Moderate Scale

Starting at


This is where most websites land. Also, this is a good starting point for a website redesign. Typically 10-15 pages, but have more enhanced functionalities such as advanced calls to action, order forms, lead generators, requests for custom quotes, etc.

Rocket ship

Grand Scale

Starting at


Large sites with multiple premium functionalities and plug-ins. These are complicated sites with more than 15 pages, usually. Examples include E-commerce and membership sites. Functions like log-ins, scheduling, multiple forms, payment portals, etc.


So to bring it all together: By working with Forred Web Design you’ll get a beautiful website that comes with results. A website is not a business expense, it is a business investment. If done well, a website will return that investment over and over, which is why we want to stick around to see it happen for you.

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