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We are proud members of the small business community in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Web design services are an important part of every business even if it doesn’t immediately seem like it. If you own a pizza shop or a hair salon, people are searching “Pizza place near me” or “Nearest hair cut” looking for a place to spend money (often that day.) Although local word of mouth is critical for just about every business, in a city of around 300,000 people it’s just that much harder to drum up new business without an online presence. That’s where Forred Web Design comes in. As a local small business, we understand the challenges and opportunities in our city. Our web design services are custom developed with your customers in mind. Built on the backbone of WordPress, the sky is the limit for customizations and features that will make your site one of a kind, convert visitors to customers, and become a driving force of the growth of your business.

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We serve businesses in every corner of South Dakota


Our plans and add-ons bring a professional, sophisticated, and modern digital presence to our clients. Whether it’s a brand new website, a redesign, honing in the SEO, or helping to set up conversion based email campaigns, our services are built for conversions. 

Sioux Falls South Dakota

We are located just a bike ride away from downtown Sioux Falls! Our city is growing at an absolutely incredible pace. We have just around 300,000 residents and add an average of 5,000 new residents each year! There hasn’t ever been a better time to be in business in Sioux Falls, and Forred Web Design is here to help you announce your presence or freshen up your look for the next phase of your business in this active environment. We take pride in delivering web design services to a wide variety of business types in South Dakota. This is our home, has always been our home, and will continue to be our home. Get in touch with us for a quote today!

Rapid City South Dakota

We serve the growing business community in Rapid City. With its vibrant downtown and unmistakeabe history, Rapid City has served as the gathering place for people from all around the world to visit South Dakota and our beautiful Black Hills (Ben has been traveling to his aunt & uncle’s house outside of Lead for years.) We diligently research the industries and competition in the Rapid City area to deliver the best results to our business clients who have set up shop anywhere from Sturgis to Hot Springs. We take pride in our work ethic and time spent getting to know our clients and their needs – our websites get results, and it’s as simple as that.

Aberdeen South Dakota

Aberdeen is Ben’s hometown and is where all the family lives. Ben’s inlaws also all live in the Aberdeen area, so it’s definitely not an uncommon place to find him. The Hub City has all of the makings of a small business scene on the rise. With a catchment area of virtually the entire northeast corner of South Dakota, Aberdeen businesses have a unique opportunity to attract new customers from the whole region with a strategically developed website. Our website plans are designed to work for you, so let us manage your web presence and you can focus on running the show!

Watertown South Dakota

Located right along Interstate-29, Watertown is a popular place to pull off the road for a break. This fact alone represents a strong opportunity for the small business community. What’s the best way to get in front of people cruising through the area and looking for a business? Show up on their phones! Our websites are completely responsive and deliver your message directly to people making a pit stop in Watertown. Businesses all across South Dakota are turning toward a “mobile first” website experience as most website traffic comes from the smartphones we all carry around. Your business deserves the notoriety it has locally – let’s send it beyond!

Vermillion South Dakota

Go Yotes! Ben’s paternal side of the family started got settled in Vermillion after his grandfather was relocated to serve as the pastor of the First United Methodist Church located at Dakota & National back in the early 1950’s. The University of South Dakota is where Ben earned his MBA and lit the passion for small business. We like to learn exactly what business is like for each of our clients and Vermillion, a bustling college town, is no exception. All of our website plans are designed to be custom tailored for your specific needs. Just like no two businesses are the same, websites shouldn’t be either. We’ll work to make sure you stand out from the pack!

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