Website plans customized to your business

We build all our sites on WordPress, the world’s most popular website content management platform. We get the freedom to design and develop sites for future growth, but the back-end is intuitive enough for clients to make simple updates on their own. We’re not just talking about building websites, though. Our sites are layered with functionalities, SEO driven language, and optimum user experiences.

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Our website services are tailored to serve the needs of your business, and your customers. To begin, we like to learn about your business. Who are your customers? What are your best selling products or services? Which have the highest margin? Where are the opportunities for upsells?

Once we know you and your business a bit better, we can use our design strategy and expertise to design a site that delivers a superior customer experience and drives them toward making the purchase that will benefit them the most.

So how do we price our sites? Since no two sites are the same, it’s difficult to make an apples to apples comparison. However, we try to organize projects into small, moderate, and large scale.


Small Scale

We can loosely bucket these types of projects into more brochure style sites. Sometimes these are only one big webpage with no other sub-pages. Typically these will include functionalities like an opt-in for an email list, buttons to follow on social media, etc. Businesses will often use this as their starting point for a web presence, and then grow the site and functionality from there. This style is great for simple businesses that don’t need a large website or for businesses that are just getting started.


Moderate Scale

This is where most of our sites fit in. These sites have multiple pages, usually up to 10 or so. Functionalities commonly include things like opt-in forms for email lists, Google Maps integration, interactive images and videos, advanced styling, calendar scheduling, and things like email integration. Very simple ecommerce functions may fit in here, as well. This may be where we put website re-design projects or projects for more established businesses looking to drive specific sales and reach new customer bases.

Rocket ship

Grand Scale

These sites are in a league of their own. Consider 10 or more pages with complex functionality. Examples include ecommerce shops, sites with membership log-ins and portals, advanced client scheduling, online course programs, etc. This is one of those things that’s easier to say, “When you see one, you’ll know it.” Typically, businesses are mature, looking for a redesign with additional features. Think of online shops with multiple categories of products that are frequently updated.

Getting started is easy

Simply fill out an introductory questionnaire and we’ll have a brief conversation at no cost to you.